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Shipping Policy

  1. Supplementary Delivery Costs: Large or bulky items incur extra delivery charges, which depend on factors like location, size/weight of items, and order value.

  2. Kerbside Delivery: Certain items like cooking machines, refrigeration units, flat-pack items, and most furniture products will be delivered only to kerbside locations, meaning they won't be brought into the premises or negotiated through lifts or stairs.

  3. Customer Responsibility for Fit and Access: Customers are responsible for ensuring that the products they order can fit through doorways and into their premises. The company doesn't accept responsibility if items don't fit, and any charges resulting from failed deliveries are the customer's responsibility.

  4. Unpacking, Positioning, and Assembly: Delivery doesn't include unpacking, positioning, or assembling items. Additional delivery costs might apply for large items that require extra handling.

  5. Warehouse Pickup Requirements: Customers picking up items from the warehouse need to confirm box dimensions with the call center beforehand. They also need to ensure they have an appropriate vehicle for safe transport. Warehouse staff can refuse vehicles deemed unfit for transportation. Refrigeration equipment must be transported upright.

  6. Customer Responsibility for Collections: Customers arranging their own collections, whether personally or through their own courier, must thoroughly check the order and packaging before departure. Responsibility for the condition of the items transfers from the seller to the customer at this point.

  7. Infutile Delivery Fee: Customer will be responsible to pay for any in futile or redelivery fee which is charge by the courier if unable to accept delivery.